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key features
Broadcast from many cameras:
Click to enlarge image...The PYSoft Broadcaster work area contains cameras and some panels that you can show or hide to get a more comfortable working place. Here are some of the most used components:
  Each camera has own window from where you can preview the camera and change its properties.
  The Errors Log panel collects information about events and errors. It helps to troubleshoot the broadcasting process.
  The Connections Log panel displays when a viewer was connected and from which IP address.
Connecting Video and Audio Devices:
Click to enlarge image...Possible sources are audio and video attached devices, computer screens, or media files.
After choosing devices, you can set their properties directly from the program.
If you've selected multiple sources, you can change source manually during broadcast or set up a cycler to have the program to change the sources automatically.
Recording Video and Audio:
Click to enlarge image...PYSoft Broadcaster has feature to record live video and audio using attached video and audio devices. This option can be used to archive a live event to a file for later use, or to distribute it to a Web server or for playback on local computers.
The program can upload recorded files to your Web site via FTP protocol.
Creating Web Page:
Click to enlarge image...You can prepare the WebCam web page using any HTML editor you like.
Fortunately, PYSoft Broadcaster has own tool to prepare simple WebCam web page.
A Web Page Creation Wizard helps you to specify title for your web page and change other attributes, such as background and text color, upper and lower captions.

The Web Page Creation Wizard generates the web page HTML file, and uploads it to your Web site.
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